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The Definitive Guide to Single Touch Payroll

A change to single touch payroll is coming. Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR) has been introduced by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which means most businesses will need to update their payroll systems in order to report to the ATO in real time.

From July 2018, there are new requirements will come into effect, which will significantly change how businesses across Australia can report and engage with regulators.

Depending on your business, some things may change drastically and others less so, as you are required to update how you report on your payroll systems. For businesses with more than 20 staff (headcount, not full-time equivalent) there will be some significant changes you need to be aware of that will take place from 1 July 2018. For businesses with less than 20 staff, similar changes will impact your business from 1 July 2019.

Like many changes, there are pros and cons to how this transition will affect your business and your staff. It's important to stay vigilant in understanding your obligations, and how it will affect your organisation. This is why CCIQ, in conjunction with CCIQ Partner, BDO, have carefully curated the 'Definitive Guide to STPR' - providing your business with everything you need to know to get prepared. 

In the new whitepaper, find out how to:

> Discover what exactly is STPR 
> Understand what's changing and what's staying the same
> Understand the pros and cons of Single Touch Payroll Reporting 
> Get ready in just 4 steps
> STPR checklist

Download your copy of the Definitive Guide to STPR by filling out the form below: 


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