WEBINAR: Communication - Communication Culture: Momentum and legacy in the post-COVID business environment

Thursday 18 June 2020, 11:00am

For Queensland businesses, the task of rebuilding post-COVID19 is high on the agenda. The enforced change of the past months has brought uncertainty and fast-tracked adaptability in equal measure.

We’ve seen warp-speed innovation in both internal and external communication — working from home, difficult workplace conversations about jobs and the future, finding new ways to maintain great customer contact and service delivery, leadership communication of varying style and effectiveness.

Communication culture is about people, and your employees are your brand. How can organisations now capture the positives, recalibrate and refocus, and embed the resilience that has emerged from the pandemic response?

With the future in mind, join Rowland’s leading Organisational & Change Communication team for a look at the learnings for communication culture — what’s worked well, what might be forever changed, and which basic communication principles stood firm during turbulent times, for organisations large and small.  

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