WEBINAR: Ergon’s kVA vs kW demand tariffs explained

Monday 8 June 2020, 11:00am

Please note: This webinar content is for large customers in regional Queensland.

As part of Ergon’s customer engagement program, this webinar is focused on Ergon Energy large customers on Ergon Tariffs 44/45/46.

Ergon representative, Bonson Lam will explore the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) draft proposal for kVA (apparent power) and kW (real power) demand tariffs for large Standard Asset Customers (SAC).

EcoBiz sustainability coach, Nicole Price will facilitate the discussion and explain what this means for your business.


Bonson Lam
Manager Retail Pricing and Tariff Products at Ergon Energy

Bonson Lam is the Manager, Pricing and Tariff Products at Ergon Energy Retail and has over 10 years’ experience with utilities and other industries, such as tourism in Queensland and other states in Australia, He has championed change in discussions with the Queensland Government and industry leaders for a more sustainable and affordable energy future for all Queenslanders. He has participated and led a number of Energy forums and seminars in Brisbane and Regional Queensland, the latter is which most Ergon Energy Retail customers are headquartered.

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This webinar is proudly presented by CCIQ ecoBiz and Ergon Energy.