WEBINAR: E-Commerce - How to create kick ass marketing emails which actually work

Wednesday 10 June 2020, 11:00am

Email is an oldy but a goody; consistently one of the most profitable marketing channels, and for good reason! It’s one of the easiest channels to set up and optimise – allowing you to test everything, working your way to success.

During this webinar we will complete a run-through of one of the most popular email platforms for small business, Mailchimp. No assumed knowledge is required for this webinar, making it perfect for email first timers, and those who have started but are looking to quick wins to boost their communications. You also don’t have to be a customer of Mailchimp to get value from this webinar – these principals can be applied to any email marketing platform.

During the session we will explore:

• The essentials in setting up your account
• The fundamentals for a kickass email campaign
• Simple automations that will save you time and money

Courtney Scales, Marketing Manager - CCIQ

Courtney Scales is a strategic marketer with a strong aptitude for marketing automation and customer experience. She is passionate about discovering what makes businesses and consumers tick, as well as finding the best ways to connect the two.

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