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Policy Scorecard

Vote for Queensland Small Business

Where do the parties stand on the issues that matter to Queensland small business this election?

Australian Labor Party

Liberal National Party

Pauline Hanson One Nation

Katter's Australian Party

The Greens


Employing Qld

Payroll Tax


Red Tape


Workforce Skilling


Powering Qld

Electricity Prices



Growing Qld

Infrastructure Investment




State Finances and Budget Repair

Innovation to Drive Small Business Growth



Colour Chart

Policy Scale

This scorecard is an independent assessment of the parties’ policies by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland. The objects of the Chamber include to promote and advance in a non-politically aligned manner: trade, commerce and industry; and the interests of persons engaged in trade, commerce and industry, in the State of Queensland, any other State or Territory of Australia, and internationally.

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