WEBINAR: Small Business Marketing - Introduction to using video to promote your business

Wednesday 3 June 2020, 11:00am

As a small business, your marketing needs are uniquely challenging, and you don't always have the budget, time, or skills to make your work stand out the way it could.

Many businesses are stuck in the idea that written content is easier to produce, meanwhile, the businesses that are actually getting ahead today (including your competitors) are out there creating video marketing content that is ramping up their business and increasing conversions.

In reality, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to create professional quality videos than it used to be.

And the benefits of video marketing for business far outweigh any effort that’s involved.

  • Benefits of using video
  • Tips on how to produce a good video
  • How to use video in your marketing strategy


Sarah Mak
Chief Executive Officer, Folktale

Sarah comes from an early career in Public Health and Global Development, working at the World Health Organisation (Geneva) as well as in country assignments in the South Pacific and Asia Pacific. This scientific background influences how the businesses intersect data and storytelling.

Sarah is committed to driving change through real stories, and has structured her group of businesses to enable positive impact aligned with the SDGs and across four key pillars: Human Rights; Mental Health; Culture and Creativity.

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