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WEBINAR: Get paid on time: 10 tips you can implement within a month

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Monday 9 October 2017, 12:00 pm

10 actionable tips you can implement within a month to prevent unpaid invoices, get control of your accounts receivable and recover what’s owed to you!

Here’s a sobering fact: Australian businesses are amongst the worst in the world when it comes to paying invoices on time! And it’s not just SMEs who are late payers, large corporations are equally tardy!

It’s time to take control by tightening up your processes, polishing up your terms and conditions, and recovering overdue invoices.

Presented by commercial debt management expert Angela McDonald from Optimum Recoveries and Craig Mason, Legal Practice Director at Streten Masons Lawyers, this webinar will cover the top 10 things you can do within a month to get paid on time and improve cashflow in your business.

Who should participate?
People in your business who are responsible for standard terms and conditions, invoicing, accounts, finance management and responsible sales should attend (business owners, account managers, finance managers, credit team members; and sales managers).


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