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WEBINAR: Benefits of Mediation


Tuesday 12 February 2019, 12:00pm

Mediation is a complex process where emotions are high and high-level skill is required to diffuse situations. We know that as an employer you want to focus on running your business, but sometimes employer-employee conflict occurs and must be resolved to achieve the business’ best interests.

Mediators play an integral role in solving conflict by using careful language, gestures and processes to ensure that they do not add to highly sensitive situations but instead work to a solution that all parties agree upon.

During this webinar our presenter and CCIQ’s own trained mediator, Michael O’Brien will cover the many benefits Mediation can have on your business including:

• Reduced costs to your business particularly in comparison to settling disagreements in court
• Achieving a faster outcome
• Support for both parties during the process
• Preserving relationships by ensuring participants communicate effectively
• Confidential proceeding that avoids unnecessary publicity.
• A voluntary process
• Greater control for each party to reach an outcome both parties are happy with than a court hearing or settlement

This session hopes to shed light on CCIQ’s Mediation service offering and how mediation can empower employers and employees to reach a resolution all parties are happy with. This will be an open session where questions are encouraged by all.


Michael O’Brien
HR/IR Advisor, CCIQ


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