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WEBINAR: Workplace Training | Critical Training for SMEs


Wednesday 26 June 2019, 12:00pm

Workplace TrainingRunning a small business can be challenging.

Business owners have many responsibilities to employees including the obligation to effectively induct and train new and existing staff on processes that are required in the workplace. This can include workplace health and safety, acceptable conduct on social media, ethical behavior in the workplace and so much more.

CCIQ is here to empower Queensland business owners, to take control of this responsibility to employees. In this essential webinar, you will learn about the benefits training can have on your organisation as well as how training can protect your business from future claims.

Attendees will also be taken through CCIQ’s Essential 5 Training pack, which aims to protect Queensland businesses from the most common HR issues small businesses face.

This webinar will highlight:

• What training is, and why it is required for Queensland business owners
• The key risks the lack of training can have on small business
• How training can save you time and money on staff management and when workplace incidents occur
• The main benefits of training and why employers need to invest

This will be an open session where questions are encouraged by all.


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Andrew Taylor
Robert Hall-Boman
HR/IR Advisor
      Andrew Taylor
Services Support Officer


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