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WEBINAR: Modern Award Changes

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 12:00pm

Hospitality WorkerFollowing the Fair Work Commission’s review of Modern Awards in 2017, there have been a wide range of changes to employee entitlements that have serious implications for Queensland employers.

To help explain these changes, CCIQ have organised an informative webinar focusing on the updates to entitlements and what it means for your business.

CCIQ’s expert HR and Industrial Relations advisors, Michael O’Brien and Jacinda Davies will host this session, highlighting how these changes affect your business. They will also expand on the recent Modern Award increase to wage rates.

This session hopes to also highlight:

• Changes to the hospitality, restaurant, retail, fast food and pharmacy penalty rates.
• What these changes mean to Queensland business owners
• Modern Award compliance
• How CCIQ can support your business
• And more.

This will be an open session where questions are encouraged.


Michael O'Brien
      Jacinda Davies
Michael O'Brien
HR & IR Advisor, CCIQ

Jacinda Davies
HR & IR Advisor, CCIQ


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