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WEBINAR: Building Business in Asia: Managing around different practices


Friday 3 June 2016, 12:00 pm

Building Business relationships can be difficult at the best of times. How would you address the challenges of building relationships in countries where language or business practices often conflict with our own, and in some cases are considered illegal by Australian law?

This webinar will demonstrate what Australian managers need to know if addressing any cultural issues they may face when conducting business overseas.

Courses in the MBA at CQU such as Business Ethics and Sustainability and Management in the Business context address cross cultural issues and international challenges of bribery and corruption and how Australian managers should address and manage them.

You will walk away with a good understanding of:

• A model for understanding cultural differences
• What to expect when doing business overseas

Webinar Series:

Webinar 3: Avoiding corporate psychopaths! - 10 June
Webinar 4: Building ethical culture: Cost or investment? - 17 June
Webinar 5: Rethinking professionalism - 24 June 


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