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How to do a site survey and find opportunities

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How to do a site survey and find opportunities

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Evaluate money-saving opportunities

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2016 Leadership in Sustainability Summit

Wednesday 18 May, 2016
Griffith University EcoCentre, Griffith Nathan Campus, Brisbane

CCIQ ecoBiz is delighted to connect you with this exciting event.

Griffith University has teamed up with representatives from Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment and the Green Building Council of Australia to invite you to the 2016 Leadership in Sustainability Summit: Positioning Sustainability as an Innovation Driver. This unique session is for senior leaders, leadership teams and sustainability professionals from all sectors.

This is an interactive summit, capitalising on the expertise of our audience and building collaborative solutions.

You can accrue 5 Sustainable Development CPD Points by attending the event!

Find out more or reserve your place today.

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Nambour Rugby Club is scoring on the field

With just under 200 members and 500 social media supports, the Nambour 'Toads' Rugby Club is not glitzy. Unlike some sports clubs – with liquor licenses, pokies and restaurants – the Toads just have a clubhouse, canteen, dressing sheds and a field. But it does have two things in common with those other clubs: bright lights and good vision.

Victory Park – the Toads’ home ground – is the first LED-lit sports field in Australia. The decision to install the low-energy, high-brightness lighting came as part of the leadership of club president Don Parry – who also just happens to be an ecoBiz coach. "Any organisation has got to have vision" Don says.

He informed the club about what might be possible and asked, "Can we set up a low-cost club?"

Action plan highlights:
•$6000 decrease in field maintenance costs
• Field lighting performance to cost-increase of 287%
• Zero chemical and artificial fertiliser use

Read the full case study here or register for the upcoming webinar to learn how you can start your savings with sustainable practices.

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What's all the fuss about solar battery storage?

Battery storage is a really exciting development that is a game changer in the way we use energy. Batteries supplement or store power depending on your usage.

If you are using less power than the panels are producing, the excess power is stored in the battery. If you are using more power than what the panels are producing, then the battery will discharge.

Zen Energy batteries have been on the market for some years. Tesla and AGL batteries are to be released this year and can be ordered now. The prices for these batteries has reduced significantly over the last few years so that they are now becoming viable for business.

• Lithium ion – Tesla, BYD, AGL, Ergon, Zen Energy
• ENOPTE Redox flow – e.g. zinc bromide – (RedFlow)
• Lead acid – e.g. wet cell, gel (Allgrid)

The battery types commonly seen are Lithium ion, Redox flow and Lead Acid batteries. The Lithium ion batteries are what have been getting a lot of recent attention and are promoted for domestic and small business use. For properties or industry that need to operate off-grid, the redox flow and lead acid batteries are most commonly used. Can be easily scaled up and more cost effective than lithium ion.

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WATCH AGAIN: Engage your team to adopt money-saving practices

Learn some of the successful strategies that other ecoBiznesses have used to engage staff to help save money in the business in this interactive e-workshop.

We will look at how some of the world’s leading sustainable brands have used the skills and abilities of their staff to reduce their water, waste and energy costs. You will also learn about good staff engagement and discuss some examples about what really motivates staff to take action and increase efficiency. This workshop will provide you with local and practical examples from Australian businesses that have worked with their staff to make great savings.


Kicking goals and winning – how to save in operating sporting facilities

Weds, 20 Apr

This webinar will teach you practical ways to improve your bottom line.

Sporting clubs have many of the same challenges that business have. That is, they are focused on the outcome and it is all too easy to lose sight of the operational costs. This webinar hosts Don Parry of the Nambour Rugby Union Club, who successfully looked at their energy, water and waste costs. They have improved the quality of their playing fields, upgraded their lighting and reduced costs at the same time. We will discuss their solutions and practical ways businesses, community clubs and others can learn from these experiences.


Where to look for grants to help your business?

The federal and state governments provide a range of different grants and programs to help businesses, not just with sustainability initiatives, but a range of other categories. 

1. Australian Government

2. Queensland Government

3. Non-government

Organisations such as the Clean Energy Finance Regulator or Green Loans can provide funding and grant opportunities to businesses.

Depending on the selection criteria, there are many sources for funding and support. For any further questions, contact the ecoBiz team.

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To read more ecoBiz case studies and fact sheets visit cciqecobiz.com.au/tools/.


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