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Learn how to save money from the ecoBiz Leaders

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Learn how to save money from the ecoBiz Leaders

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Learn how to save money from the ecoBiz Leaders

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School in Brisbane in a class of its own

Right from the drawing board, the design of St Stephen’s Algester incorporated ecoefficiency features. However, having sustainable power, water and waste by design is far from the end of the school’s eco efforts. Built in 2003, and opened in 2004, in Brisbane’s south-east, St Stephen’s 500 students and staff are spread across a large facility.

With ongoing programs, the school has already explored a lot of eco-innovations – all while teaching the next generation about sustainability in action. Incorporating eco-efficiency principles in all aspects of its recent construction, the sustainability journey of St Stephen’s Algester is continuing as it started.

The school wanted to minimise costs and improve the school’s working and learning environment and action plan highlights to achieve this have included:

• Consolidating refrigerator stock so most units can be deactivated at low times
• Reducing air-conditioning through natural ventilation
• Developing start-up and shut-down procedures for light and sound equipment
• Building Sheep Station Gully Environmental Learning Centre as a centrepiece to the school’s eco-education goals.

Read the full case study here to learn how you can start your savings with sustainable practices.

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Solar battery storage trials underway in Queensland

Recently, a Queensland government-owned power company installed the country’s first solar battery storage system from Tesla. Energex, which has installed a Tesla Powerwall and a Sunverge storage system at its Brisbane training facility, will collect data to understand how to integrate solar batteries into the network with financial incentives for customers. This begins a year-long trial into how it can reward consumers who cut their reliance on the electricity grid.

Developments like these propel the transition to clean energy, which is a necessity for businesses, households and the Queensland public. Queensland boasts some of the highest rates of solar panel systems in the world, although the rate paid for power returned to the grid has deterred uptake in recent years. Technology such as the Powerwall storage system could impact peak demand which may enable network operators to defer investments into infrastructure and reduce generation of energy where possible. The cost benefits of this to energy operators have carry-on effects to the market and businesses across Queensland. The value of battery storage systems is still being discovered and this is the first trial on the path to understanding and exploring future energy options that benefit the electricity grid, the network and consumers.

Find out more about these developments and register for the upcoming webinar Learn about Solar PV/ battery storage.

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Learn how to save from the ecoBiz Leaders

Weds, 27 Jan

This is an interactive e-workshop that will share some of the successful sustainability projects that businesses are working on. Attend this e-workshop to gain insights and share your experiences about reducing costs to business and environmental impact. You will hear case studies of leading businesses in the program and across the state and learn how the sustainability projects these businesses have implemented have saved them thousands by reduced water, waste and energy bills.


Find money-saving opportunities in you business

Weds, 9 Feb

This interactive e-workshop will help you learn how to do a site survey and find money-saving opportunities in your business. Learn how to look for areas in your business to reduce waste generation and energy and water consumption with this e-workshop and we will point out some examples of actions you can take for some quick savings.

Steps for a full site survey will be covered in detail including some tips and tricks for getting the most from your survey and you will also hear about the savings other ecoBiznesses have made through these techniques.


One degree on your air-conditioner can make all the difference

As we move into the summer months in the Sunshine state, it's important you have a plan to manage increased bills.

Turn it up

Increasing your temperature set-point on your air-conditioning by 1° can reduce your running costs by up to 10%! The recommended temperature in Queensland is 24-25°C. You may have more or less staff that usual over the Christmas break so make sure you are able to regularly check the temperature to ensure you're air-conditioner is not working overtime so you are not paying more than you need to.

Switch it off

Make sure if you're not at work you're switching off all energy using appliances off. As we move into the Christmas holidays, staff coming and going at different hours may require you to adjust your timers or settings accordingly.

Monitor your use

Keep track of your energy use when you bills come in to understand how much seasonal things like running the airconditioner is costing your business. Monitor this information in the ecoBiz online benchmarking tool to understand your usage.

For more FAQs visit the ecoBiz fact sheet and learn how you can start saving in your business.

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To read more ecoBiz case studies and fact sheets visit cciqecobiz.com.au/resources/.


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