JULY 2016
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28 & 29 JUL

ecoBiz Insights:
Efficient consumption of energy

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ecoBiz and your business: 
Efficient consumption of energy

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22 & 23 AUG

ecoBiz Insights:
Solar, efficient heating and cooling

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ecoBiz and your business: 
Solar, efficient heating and cooling

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Independent Schools Queensland score an ‘A’ in energy efficiency

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is the peak body representing and supporting Queensland’s independent schooling sector. The ISQ team noticed a significant increase in their electricity bills and joined ecoBiz to understand and reduce this cost.

Action plan highlights:
• ecoBiz 1 Star Partner (Energy)
• Shortened air conditioning run-time by 1hour per day
• Set temperature range between 23.5-24.5 degrees
• Changed settings on production printer
• Changed settings and added timer to office printers
• Upgraded old fridge, lost chest freezer
• More savings to come as a result of a move from server to cloud based storage.

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The Cleantech Effect - Conference and Solutions Showcase

Friday 29 July 2016, 12pm to 7pm with networking from 5pm
Lake Kawana Community Centre
114 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina

The Cleantech Effect 2016 is the only annual, inter-regional event empowering South East Queensland businesses with the latest information and knowledge to assist with smarter energy, water, built environment and waste solutions.

Attending the event will demystify cleantech solutions for business and present a range of ideas and practices to achieve significant cost savings. Conference Key-note speaker is Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - the popular Australian science commentator and author. 

Only $89 including lunch, Dr Karl and all the speakers! 

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We need to talk about plastic

Thursday 28 July, 6pm to 8pm
Griffith University EcoCentre
Building N68, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan

Every year, plastic pollution causes significant deaths to marine life while reducing the amenity of south east Queensland’s waterways and bays. For many years campaigners have pushed for a ban on plastic bags and the creation of a Queensland-relevant cash for container scheme. The forum will be led by experts at the frontline of the plastic pollution debate – Boomerang Alliance’s Toby Hutcheon and Griffith University’s Head of the School of Environment, Professor Chris Frid. Join the drive to help create a healthier future for our waterways.

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ecoBiz Insights: Efficient consumption of energy

Thurs, 28 Jul

Each month we’re bringing you insights from a range of industries and organisation to show you how these ecoBiz participants reduced their bills with no negative impact on their service quality. In fact, they actually improved their end product. Cutting costs is often much easier than finding new revenue, but many businesses fail to take advantage of savings opportunities which are right under their nose.

Join us for the first month where we’ll be hearing from Independent Schools Queensland.


ecoBiz and your business: Efficient consumption of energy

Fri, 29 Jul

Each month, following on from the ecoBiz Insights, we’ll delve into how the program applies to you and help you reduce your bills to improve your end product or service. You will hear from an ecoBiz expert and one of Alex Stathakis, Director of Conversio, to detail the successes of the case study and apply these strategies to your business to save money.


Funding support for sporting clubs and community groups

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund is a great opportunity to source funding for your community group. Round 90 of the Gambling Community Benefits Fund will open mid-July, and will close at midnight on 31 August 2016.

Sporting clubs and community groups can use this grant (up to $35,000) to fund energy, water efficiency and solar projects. The application form, funding guidelines and requirements are all available here.

For help with this grant and your sustainability initiatives register for coaching today.

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